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Spring/Fall Clean-Up

Need some help with all of your Spring/Fall Clean-Up?


daves-cleaning-lawn-knox-county-flowersDo you have leaves left over from last fall in your beds and on your lawn? Do your flowerbeds need attention before spring starts? Are there limbs and sticks down everywhere? Do your gutters need assistance? Dave’s Lawn and Cleaning Service can help with your spring clean-up.


daves-fall-cleanup-guttersDo you have leaves all over your lawn and in your beds? Did you know that not cleaning out your gutters before winter can cause ice dams, which could cause damage to your gutters and downspouts? Is it all too much for you to handle? Let Dave’s Lawn and Cleaning Service help you with your fall clean-up. We collect your leaves and haul them away or take them to your curb for city pick-up.

Choose Dave’s Lawn and Cleaning ServiceĀ for all of your spring/fall clean-up!

Call Dave’s Lawn and Cleaning Service today, at (740)501-5665, for all of your spring/fall clean-up needs.