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I know what you are thinking; mowing is mowing. At Dave’s Lawn and Cleaning Service, we beg to differ. A lot of variables go into mowing your lawn. Let me address some common questions regarding mowing the lawn and give you some examples.

1. What Height Should I Cut My Grass?

daves-mt-vernon-lawn-service-lawnpicGrass should be cut shorter in the spring so the sun can get to the roots and encourage new growth, and longer in the summer to deal with drought and lawn burnout. For a healthier lawn, in general only 1/3 of the length of the grass should be cut off with each mowing. However, if you like your lawn short, we can cater to that too. If you like your grass a little taller, then just mention it to us and we can arrange for that. Our main goal is to satisfy YOU, our customer.

2. Is it Okay to Mow When it is Wet or Raining?

A lot of lawn care companies will mow rain or shine. At Dave’s Lawn and cleaning Service, we believe that it is in the best interest of our customer’s property to not mow when it is so wet out. Mowing when it is wet out results in a poor cut and turf damage, is hard on equipment, and can be dangerous. So if at all possible, we wait until the rain has passed and the ground is not so soft. This gives you a cleaner, healthier cut to your lawn.

3. How Can Dave’s Lawn and Cleaning Service Make My Lawn Look Great?

daves-lawn-knox-county-cleaning-grassWe start off by trimming the lawn. We trim around trees, along sidewalks and driveways, and in ditches. This is what really gives your property a clean finished look. Next, we mow the lawn. We want it to look pleasing to the eye, so we mow in straight lines if at all possible. We also double cut the lawn if necessary – going over the lawn twice to give it a cleaner cut; all of this at the same price! This happens a lot in the spring and when wet. Lastly, we finish off by blowing grass clippings off sidewalks, driveways, and anything else they may have gotten on.

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