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Landscape Maintenance

daves-lawn-and-cleaning-service-lawnmowerLandscapes look great when they first go in but without proper maintenance, they can quickly turn into an eyesore. Dave’s Lawn and Cleaning Service can perform various tasks to keep your landscape looking great. From mulching to shrub trimming, and edging to weed control, Dave’s Lawn and Cleaning Service can give your landscape a professional look, keeping it nice and tidy.


If you are looking for someone to put down mulch for you, then look no further. Dave’s Lawn and Cleaning Service can deliver and install mulch in your desired areas. Mulch will not only keep the weeds down, but it will keep the moisture in the soil so your plants can thrive, and give you a great look.

We can deliver and install bagged and bulk mulch. Choose from brown hardwood, black, red, cypress, or pine nuggets. We have the mulch and can perform a custom mulch installation for you, complete with clean-up, giving you a professional look.

Shrub Trimming

daves-lawn-and-cleaning-knox-county-leavesAre your shrubs overgrown and neglected? Trimming your shrubs can be a very difficult task to perform, and dangerous, so why not let Dave’s Lawn and Cleaning Service take care of it for you. We can trim your shrubs up in any shape that you want then clean up the debris and haul it away, giving you a nice clean, professional look to your landscape.


Need an edge around your landscaping, beds, or trees? We can do that for you! Let Dave’s Lawn and Cleaning Service create an edge for you that will make your property and landscaping stand out. Whether you want a deep or shallow edge, we can create a clean separation between your lawn and landscaping.

Weed Control

daves-cleaning-mt-vernon-apple-valley-weeds-removalDo you have problems with weeds in your landscape, gravel driveway, or in the cracks in between your concrete? Dave’s Lawn and Cleaning Service can keep your property tidier by providing you with weed management. By using a combination of pulling weeds and spot spraying for weeds, you will be amazed at the difference it makes in the appearance of your property.