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Gutter Cleaning

daves-lawn-and-cleaning-knox-gutter-cleaning-houseDo you see water dripping over the edge of your gutters when it rains? Has it been so long that you see trees growing out of your gutters? Then maybe you need your gutters cleaned. Dave’s Lawn and Cleaning Service can help.

Standing water caused by clogged gutters is a prime time breeding ground for mosquitoes. That same standing water can develop an unpleasant odor and contribute to mold and rotting of the wood of your home.


Gutters that are blocked can also create erosion around your home causing damage to your exterior walls. It can also cause basement leaks and uneven settling of your home’s foundation.

Let us clean your gutters and check your downspouts to see if they are draining properly. Gutter cleaning regularly can keep water away from the house and out of the basement.

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